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We have been instrumental in coming up with game changing products and technologies that can firepower businesses into the next league of growth. With a Cloud Based system daily income, product cost, inventory can be managed. Here we already have a client base above 25 all over the world. We are focusing on providing the much needed service and support to clients

Cloud Based Point of Sale System

Modern POS 

Modern technology. There are many attractive features that will help you to manage stock and sales of your shop easily. Here are those unique features.


  • Multiple shops can be managed from one location
  • You can easily possess a headache free business with the ability of managing sales, stocks, loss, profits

Staying at home.

Contact Management


  • A new customer can be added easily
  • Customer database can be managed
  • All the details of a customer can be obtained depending on your company policies


  • Your company system can be registered within the feature of crediting.


  • Details of the supplier can be entered and managed

Product Management

Product Category

  • As there are various products in a online store, pharmacy or a grocery shop, this will be a great solution to manage all
  • Reports can be generated regarding the products from category vise.


  • Product list can be imported via a csv
  • Usually product name is entered in English. But any other name can be added according to customer preferences
  • Product bar code can be used here
  • Unit cost can be calculated
  • Unit selling price can be entered to the database
  • Minimum stock quantity can be updated
  • An image can be added to the product From the above features, products can be easily managed and the report can be generated

POS interface

  • We have developed a user-friendly system for the user (Cashier)
  • Here we use a fast searching interface so that any product can be found out within few seconds from typing only four letters or a keyword in the searching bar
  • Then the cashier should not have to worry when even he forgets the product name of any product
  • And also from scanning the unique bar code, all kinds of items can be found easily
  • Apart from that, mass of the scalable products can be scaled easily from grams or kilograms

(Here the scaler will generate the mass by a barcode based system)

  • When talk about the POS interface, you can add a new customer, select a customer quickly
  • This system is carried out in any tab or a touch screen conveniently

Payment Options

  • Payments can be done using card, cash, credit, voucher or online payment integration methods. Any additional feature can be added depending on the client requirements.
  • In addition to that, payments can be done using various methods simultaneously (by half and half)

Financial Management


  • Collection is counted from cashier vise by the admin or manager
  • From the user account vise, daily sales will be depicted
  • only the daily collection will be shown when the cashier log in from his account
  • There are various payment options such as credit, cash, card and voucher

Sales/ Invoice

  • All the product details of the issued items (invoices) can be seen here
  • Not only that but also the invoice number, respective customer name,


  • Supplier will be received a report payment informing whether the payment is done or not.

Inventory Management

  • All the stuff related from receiving the products by company to increasing and decreasing of the stock will be managed here.

Goods Received Note (GRN)

  • This is all about entering goods to the store
  • Here the store keeper will insert the data. He also can get a report by GRN vise
  • Even though the Unit cost and Unit Selling price which was inserted when the item is entered are shown as the default Unit price and Unit cost, system can be updated into the Current price and Current cost.
  • Apart from that, you can locate the store number, rack number by this
  • Apart from that bar code can also be added
  • Likewise, nearly 1000-1500 items can be added to the inventory concurrently

 Inventory Report

  • This depicts the total amount in the store or the company
  • You can keep track of the livestock according to category, rack number and product keyword vise
  • At once nearly 300 reports can be taken into one report

 Breaker Syllable Pack Option

  • Here products received to the store can be sold in parts
  • For an example, when we take a wheat sack of 100kg in to the inventory, the selling price of the whole sack is LKR. 10 000.00. But according to customer preferences this sack can be sold by 5, 10,15kg… variations
  • We can change the selling price of one kilogram by updating the system. We can use this option for those scenarios.

 Price Adjustments

  • Selling price of some products which was in the inventory earlier will be changed due to some reasons
  • At that points we can adjust the price to the current market price by selecting that specific product
  • Then the price will be updated accordingly

 Stock Transfer

  • From this product can be transferred among internal stores or locations by sending transfer note
  • All the details of the inventory will be recorded in the data sheet

 Stock merge

  • When doing the GRN different types and prices of products are entered to the inventory
  • Products can be merged and sold as a one product when they remain in small amounts
  • For an example, in the first order 1000kg of wheat is bought and stored in the inventory. Within a week 150kg of wheat is sold out. Meanwhile another 1000kg of wheat is bought from another new price. Then as per the decision of the management, both stocks together can be sold from a one price.

 Stock Return

  • Here products are returned to the supplier which are expired, changed in color, not working properly or due to any other reasons
  • According to the GRN number that amount will be decreased
  • Likewise, the inventory is adjusted

 Inventory Adjustments

  • Mistakes of the cashier, thefts or displacements happened adjustments are allowed to a authorized person
  • After readjustments a report will be issued

On-premises enterprise infrastructure

Other features


  • Daily and monthly sales, and sales collections about the product category of different stores according to the total inventory value are depicted graphically using charts for analysis purpose
  • This can be done quickly so that take conclusions easily
  • User Access Controlling
  • Necessary permissions can be granted when creating new accounts to the owner or management of a certain company as per the preferences of the system administration
  • Here that will be given to specific user roles

User Access Controlling

  • Necessary permissions can be granted when creating new accounts to the owner or management of a certain company as per the preferences of the system administration
  • Here that will be given to specific user roles

For an example: Manager Role has the ability to access the report of daily collection of all users. Other than that, access for inventory task is also given.

  • Cashier role is giving only the product invoice access. Customer and product selection is given him.
  • Inventory adjustment and GRN access are given to the Stock Manager
  • Likewise, many user roles can be created

Creating a store

  • Here we can select whether the store is categorized into product selling or service selling.
  • In addition to that, admin can go across all the stores and check the reports online from a one panel
  • This is why our business concept is highlighted as a headache free one


  • This is a special feature developed by ourselves which can’t be seen in any other point of sales
  • When the service is carried out, there is an option to select whether its price is flexible or not
  • For an example, when a phone is repaired from the company its service is different from one another. It’s okey to keep the fixed price, but that can be changed accordingly when billing

User interface

  • User can change into dark or light mode. If there is color blindness or any other issues interface can be adjusted

User privacy protection

  • Though the user role is created by the manager, from this feature respective user can change their own passwords
  • Then the changed password is known by only that user. We expect to maintain privacy policies among the servants without any hindrance from others
  • But this can also be customized
  • User logins can be deleted or deactivated

Report Export

  • All the reports can be exported from pdf,csv versions

Pass Report Loading

  • Reports can be generated quickly than others as a higher technology is used for our system


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